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The Jolly Trolley has suffered a tragic loss to our Trolley family...

Herbert “The Love Bug” Brackman

​The Jolly Trolley has suffered a tragic loss to our Trolley family

Herbert “The Love Bug” Brackman


Born October 31st, 1948 ~A Halloween baby! He passed peacefully at home on

October 19th, 2021

We are sad to say, Herb passed away from a heart attack at 72, just shy of his 73rd birthday.

All who knew Herb suffered a terrible loss the day he left this world.

​Born in Oakland, CA Herb grew up in Martinez, CA and retired here on San Juan Island.

Herb was from a pioneer family who were one of the 1st settlers in Martinez, CA in 1842.

He was a real estate agent during his work years, prior to retirement.

Herb loved sports and sailing. He took a 58’ Hatteras with a 2’ bow sprit up to San Juan Island to finally retire after sailing here many times & falling in love with San Juan Island.

You would frequently find him down by the ferry landing welcoming foot passengers onto the Island after joining the Jolly Trolley family! You may have of seen him on his daily power walks around town, always with a smile on his face 

and a warm welcome for anyone who looked his way.

At one time he was a minister and served on the board of directors for

many years with a church in Seattle.

He believed with all his heart in God and gratitude. He prayed everyday, for all of us. He was a truly blessing to us all. Herbie was the most caring, loving & honest human being and if you were blessed to know him, you were blessed to be loved by him, unconditionally.

He had a zest for life & never let anything get him down.

Herb had a gift of always finding the best in anything.

Herb leaves behind his twin brother & best friend in life, Bob, plus all who loved him!

He will be missed by the hearts of many & especially by his  Jolly trolley family….





We are so EXCITED about a few more addition's & we can't WAIT

to share them with you once they arrive!!!

Our next Trolley to join the club in 2024 will be named "Herbie" after our beloved Herbert "The Love Bug" Brackman.

The Trolley brings class, style & fun to San Juan Island for a classic tour or all your Wedding & private event needs! It's truly the ONLY way to see & learn about this beautiful Island with all it's grander, 

in style!

We are expanding rapidly & looking forward to our 8th season in 2024!

Hang on and sit back because it's going to be a wild & fun ride!!!!

Ding Ding Ding!!!

 Enjoy your tour & our beautiful Island!!!

Any questions please call us at 360~298~8873.

If you get our voicemail, please leave us a message

& we'll get back to you shortly!

Enjoy your Trolley tour!!

It's simply the BEST way to see San Juan Island!!

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